Wednesday, September 13, 2006

hair longer, haha

I can almost pull my hair all the way back now, which is nice, considering it's been fairly warm most of where we've been, and it feels nice to have it off my neck.

Ania and I made it to Vienna two nights ago in fine shape, and got to Kent's house shortly thereafter. We had a 6 hour train ride up from Ljubljana, however, the time passd quickly for most of the journey because we were fortunate to sit with a really well informed Slovenia man who was a professor of Philosophy, and had a lot to say. It was one of those travel experiences you always hope to have. Among other things, it was really cool to hear his perspective on the Yugoslavian breakup in the '90s.

It's nice to see Vienna again. Really nice. Ania and I are taking advantage of our relaxed schedule and sleeping in. I made Ania a nice breakfast yesterday, and we did some laundry, and then went out to the Hundertwasser house, which is only a couple blocks from here. We're still very fortunate and the weather is holding - nice blue skies, and warm temperatures.

Vienna is a bit different than last time I was here 5 years ago. Lots more English is spoken now, and things seem like they are becoming more and more cosmopolitan, if that's possible in a place that is already one of the more cosmopolitan cities in the world. Yesterday evening, we waited to meet Kent at the U-bahn platform in front of the Vienna International Center where he UN/IAEA is, and seeing all the people from so many different places around the world reminded me quickly of how much of a crossroads Vienna is, and has been for a long time in its history.
I also had a chance to show Ania my old apartment building and the neighborhood around it and the Danube, and we even had Indian samosas from the little Indian shop that was (and remains) on the block I lived on.

I'll try posting some pictures now...

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