Monday, September 04, 2006

In Dubrovnik !

So, the Adriatic is everything I'd hoped !

I flew into Warsaw 3 days ago now - that was Friday, and Ania and I have spent the last two days in Dubrovnik, Croatia. We're leaving in about an hour, and as I expected, our stay here has been too short. I'll write more about Dubrovnik when I am not paying for my time, but suffice to say it definitely met and exceeded my expectations. And, Dalmatian food and beer are both wonderful. Ania and I are having a brilliant time. We just were out wading in the surf, dodging very tan Italians on the waves. No card reader on this compy, but I'll have pictures posted to Flickr when I get to Kent's in about a week.

Impressions... without beating the geopolitical horse too much, it's amazing and heartbreaking to think of this place under the pall of war but a scant decade or so ago. It's done a remarkable job of recovering, and is a treasure. Although toursim is strong here, it doesn't feel overrun like it could (of course, if we had come here a month ago it might have been that way). The weather has been great (in fact we're slathered in sunscreen, most of which I'm sewating off in short order). Our hotel balcony had a great view onto a harbour - the blues of the water and the red rooftops and green of the limes, cypress and rhododendrons is intoxicating.

We head to the island of KorĨula by bus and ferry in about an hour - hopefully I'll have a chance for an update there too.

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