Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lexan utensils

This is an odd post, but at times on our adventure, I kept asking myself "what have I really used, and, conversely, what do I regret packing and lugging around for thousands of kilometers across Eastern Europe"...

Several years ago I bought some lightweight lexan utensils for backpacking. They are light and strong. Especially since I was flying, anything handy like a metal knife or multi-tool was not an option. But the serrated blade on the lexan knife worked well in a pinch, and having a spoon and something to spread and cut with turned out to be really handy. Sounds like a small thing, and it is, but when you need utensils and you're stuck on a bus, boat or train, it's so satisfying to pull out your own set and dig in to some chow or open a tough package.

I was continuously happy I had them. Not to mention, the fake carabiner I had them attached to came in very handy as a bottle opener on a host of occasions, much in the same way many folks use lighters (although I discovered, in service to Ania, that Bacardi Breezer caps are virtually impossible to remove without a bloody pneumatic press, or, I suppose, a proper bottle opener ;-)

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