Thursday, October 05, 2006

Peaches and Bees

So, one morning when I was at Ania's home in Krasnik, she asked me to go out into the yard and pick some peaches from her father's peach tree for brekkie. I went out to the tree which is near the detached garage, and saw several tempting peaches on some of the branches that were just out of reach. Naturally, I decided to climb up a bit and grab them, despite all the bees that seemed to be crowding together near the base of the tree (presumably after the nectar from the fruit that had fallen). Right as I turned to hoist myself into the tree - smack - I knocked my head on an unseen branch hanging a bit lower than the rest. What's more, I managed to hit myself with the one protruding stub of a smaller branch that had been broken off. So, not only did I get a nice goose-egg on my noggin, I had a nasty little bleeder on my skull. Not deterred, I swore under my breath and continued to climb for those delicious peaches... Inside I put pressure on my silly little wound, and enjoyed the fruit.

Two mornings later, as Ania and I were preparing to leave on the bus to Warsaw where we would spend our last night together, she went out to gather some peaches. I was inside getting my things together, but when she came back inside, she had been stung on the ball of her left foot by a bee ! I swear, that tree and its bees had it out for us ! It didn't seem too bad at first, but as the day went on, she began to notice it more and I felt really bad for her, since the next 24 hours was going to involve at least some walking, and carrying of bags, etc. In the Hotel Ibis in Warsaw, she kept dousing her foot with cool water. At least she isn't allergic, and it only lasted a couple days. Still, it was an unfortunate little thing to have happen right before I left.

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Ania said...

I will never forget that morning when I was stung by a bee.The whole journey was safe and we had no accidents. So I would not expect that any unfortunate incident may happen in my own garden :-)I was glad that bees left Jaime alone and it was not him who was stung :-)